Staff Photo shoot

Staff Photo shoot

The day of the staff photo shoot had finally arrived, a chance to get a few photos of us “pretending to work” as Alison put it, “You can pretend for the photos but after that we need to get back to work,” was the reply amongst the laughter!

The morning session was productive and enjoyable, a relaxed atmosphere with lots of pictures of all the staff in their different roles and guises.

Even the weather didn’t disappoint, we had a bright sunny day, so the decision was made to continue onto the local pub for a few drinks and lunch.

Everyone enjoyed a couple of hours downtime, coming after a very busy period for us here at MMA which made it all the more enjoyable.

The Photo shoot went smoothly and we thought the pictures were great, here are a few examples, hope you do to:

  • Relaxing before the staff photo shoot
  • Plant office
  • Dom on the phone
  • Adam hard at work
  • MMA Head Office
  • Main Office
  • Sue at work
  • Digger bucket planted
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